RTF is a registered
trademark of

Water Saver® with RTF™

Look for the RTF logo on your lawn seed. If it does not have RTF on the bag, your lawn seed does not contain an RTF variety and you will not have a self-repairing lawn.

Water Saver with RTF is the only tall fescue lawn seed blend available that contains an RTF variety.

Why is lawn seed sold as blends?
A lawn seed blend is made up of several varieties of the same species. Seed varieties are developed by our breeders to meet certain characteristics desired by the customer. In a perfect world, our breeder would be able to combine all the good characteristics in the same variety. But Mother Nature isn’t molded that easily. If a variety excels in wear tolerance for instance, it might not be as winter hardy. Or the fine blade cannot be combined with the shade tolerance, etc. To give the customer a lawn seed that can adapt to the various conditions of the home lawn, varieties with different characteristics are combined: You need wear tolerance because your kids will play on the lawn, or you are planning that neighborhood barbeque; you need shade tolerance because your back yard has a lot of trees; you want your lawn to be resistant to disease, but not just to one, to any disease that might attack your lawn; you want your lawn to be tolerant to the summer heat but also to the cold winter days. Blending varieties together that have top performance on some of the desired characteristics, allows the lawn to adapt itself to the conditions. In the shady areas, the varieties with good shade tolerance will prevail, in the high traffic areas the best wear tolerant varieties will prevail, etc. The result is a beautiful lawn everywhere, from the same seed blend.

Water Saver always contains the best available varieties of turf type tall fescue. Now with the addition of the first RTF variety ever, Labarinth, Water Saver with RTF sets a new standard for home lawns. Not only is the Water Saver with RTF a blend of top performing varieties, now it has the ability to repair itself through the development of rhizomes. That is why Water Saver with RTF is the only seed you’ll ever need!

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